Financial Advisory

White Oak Group professionals have advised companies and creditor groups in a wide variety of corporate restructuring transactions including debt consolidations and restructurings, equity recapitalizations, change of control equity placements, assignments for the benefit of creditors, and sales of distressed companies, divisions and assets.

Bankruptcy Related Services

We can serve as advisor to Debtors in Possession and official committees of creditors, including secured and unsecured creditors, in the Chapter 11 process. We can also advise secured lenders or act as trustee or interim manager for companies operating in bankruptcy.

Turnaround management

White Oak Group professionals take action in a troubled company to analyze problems and carry out a dispassionate, independent assessment of the situation. We take quick, decisive steps to create stability by focusing on bringing cash management under strict control.

White Oak Group professionals are particularly adept at developing strategic alternatives for achieving optimal outcomes. Typically these strategies focus on facilitating growth, improving liquidity and restructuring capitalization, realigning organizational structure, boosting profitability, and maximizing shareholder value and creditor recoveries.

Crisis and interim management

In distressed and underperforming companies, White Oak Group provides highly qualified crisis/interim executives in the roles of CRO, CEO, COO, or CFO who take the helm and begin the restructuring process. Unlike many consulting organizations, White Oak Group will accept the full scope and responsibility of these positions, and will be proactive in the recruiting of permanent managers. It will also act as fiduciaries for the client’s assets.


Experience gained in turnaround management has prepared White Oak Group professionals to examine core and non-core business entities. Those not producing sufficient cash flow or EBITDA represent either divestiture or reorganization opportunities. Whatever the course of action, White Oak Group is sensitive to human capital issues that often arise during time of organizational upheaval.